Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Glen Hansard - Vicar Street, Dublin 2014-12-15

Glen Hansard & The Frames

feat: Grainne Hunt, Lisa O`Neill, Mundy, Damien Dempsey, August Wells, Declan O’Rourke, Dermot Kennedy

Vicar Street, Dublin, Ireland

Source: Soundboard - iRiver HP120
Total Time: 3h09min44sec

All credits: Niko Springstein

01 Grace (Beneath the Pines)*
02 This Gift
03 Intro
04 My Little Ruin
05 Love Don’t Leave Me Waiting
06 Talking with the Wolves**  >>  Riders on the Storm (The Doors)
07 Philander
08 When Your Mind’s Made Up
09 Bird of Sorrow
10 Intro
11 Paying My Way
12 Leave  >>  Love Reign O’er Me (The Who)
13 Come Away to the Water
14 Stay the Road (for Ezra)
15 Lowly Deserter
16 Song for Mic
17 High Hope***
18 Winning Streak
19 Intro
20 Wedding Ring****
21 Fitzcarraldo
22 Revelate
23 McCormack’s Wall
24 Her Mercy
25 Intro
26 Song of Good Hope*****
27 Falling Slowly*****
28 Intro
29 Here In The Wild  (August Wells)
30 Intro
31 Be Brave and Believe  (Declan O’Rourke)
32 Intro
33 After Rain (Dermot Kennedy)
34 Intro
35 Window Shopping for Faith (Mundy)
36 Intro
37 Sing All Our Cares Away (Damien Dempsey)
38 Baby, Don’t You Do It (Marvin Gaye/The Band)
39 What the World Needs Now (Burt Bacharach)******
40 The Auld Triangle (Traditional)*******

*Glen on piano
**Leon on shaker
***with Grainne Hunt
****Curtis on lead vocals
*****Glen solo with strings
******Lisa O’Neill on lead vocals
*******verses by Glen, Damien, Declan, Lisa, Joe, Gerry and Mic

Download Part 1

Download Part 2


  1. Thank you Niko.
    My Christmas present came a day eraly this year ! Brilliant.
    Happy Xmas and New Year to you !

  2. Great stuff, thank you!!!

  3. Is this download still available somewhere?